Digital Visualisation 22-23

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Lesson Schedule

This schedule is updated weekly, please check back regularly.

458 Nov1A simple brochure
A simple booklet
4615 NovNo lesson
4722 Nov2A simple booklet continued
4829 Nov3Material Biography booklet (link to Teams Assignment)
496 Dec4Deadline 1 – exercises from lesson 1-4
Christmas Break
530 Jan5No lesson
66 Feb6Photoshop – Select a ball
713 Feb7Photoshop – Pineapple Collage
820 FebBreak
927 Feb8Photoshop – Multi Me
Photoshop – Girl at the Beach
105 Mar9Photoshop – Perspective (see Teams Assignments)
1112 Mar10Photoshop – Color Correction
1219 Mar11Deadline 2 exercises from lesson 5-12
1826 Mar12*collective assessments*

Deadlines & Delivery

There are two deadlines to make:

  • December 6th 2023: hand in all InDesign exercises from lesson 1-4
  • March 19th 2024: hand in all exercises from lesson 5-12

Handing in your work

You can hand in your work through Teams Assignments. Here you will find the exercises appointed to you with links to the exercise instructions.

  • If your file exceeds Teams’ attachment size limit, you can share it through OneDrive and attach the share-link to the Assignment.
  • Handing in a folder (such as an Indesign Package) requires the folder to be zipped into a *.zip file first (macbook rightclick > compress).

Saving in your work

Important! Do not save your work on school laptops. Instead, save it to the cloud at the end of each lesson.

  1. Save your work to the cloud
    At KABK you have a OneDrive account. Create a folder specifically for this course and name it “Digital Visualisation”. Work from this folder only; save all of your work-documents (PSD, AI, INDD), packages (Indesign), PDF’s, texts, images, et cetera to this folder. Make sure to upload your work to OneDrive each lesson.
  2. Share your folder
    At KABK you can share a OneDrive folder by selecting it and clicking its context menu (three dots on the right side). Select the “Digital Visualisation” folder you created in the previous step. Select Share and type my name (Jof Neuhaus) in the popup that follows. Select my account when it shows up and click Send.
    Note: you only need to share the top folder (the one called “Digital Visualisation”) everything in it–including subfolders–will also be shared.
  3. Create subfolders for each exercise
    To keep things clean create a folder for each exercise and give it a recognisable name. Place all files created or collected for each exercise in its corresponding folder (i.e. ‘work from’ this folder).


Throughout this course i will assess your technical software skills, your progression and, to some degree, the level of engagement you have shown. Together these result into a “grade” expressed as (F)ailed, (P)assed or (E)xcellent.

How to pass this course
Basically, doing the exercises and handing them in is enough! Nine out of ten times this will ensure at least some progression in skills. However, the exercises can be quite a challenge.
Therefore, my second advice is: ask a lot of questions in class. Especially during online classes, as these tend to make you less visible to me. So, don’t hesitate to call me on Teams. 🙂

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